I help other people look good.

I’ve done it for coaches, doctors, entrepreneurs.

I’ve done it with editing, consulting, ghostwriting.

I’ve done it in a stack of books and thousands of articles.

I help experts in health, fitness, and nutrition with every aspect of writing, from conception to completion, with the goal of making their information and advice accessible and engaging.

My experience includes editing positions at Men’s Fitness (1992-1997), Men’s Health (1998-2004), T Nation (2008-2009), and the Personal Trainer Development Center (2017-2020), along with freelance work for a long list of publications, organizations, and individual clients.

I also work as a writing coach and project consultant for select clients. This service can include:

  • Line-by-line coaching to improve technical writing skills, develop a unique voice, and speak with authority to your target audience
  • Project consultation and development
  • Ghostwriting and editing

Rates are customized to the client and project. If you’re interested in working with me, please tell me what you have in mind, and we’ll see if I can help. 

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